Motion Graphics Reel 2019

This is a handful of graphics that I created/worked on for a variety of projects.

Videography/Editing Reel 2019

This is a brief reel of a few projects that I have had the opportunity to film/edit. Much more to come!

Boise State University: Fire Captain Ashley Rosenbaum, Public Health Alumna

I had the opportunity to film an interview with Boise Fire Department’s first female Fire Captain, and show her work as she tells her story of how a degree in Public Health from boise State University informs her job.

Green Pest Management Commercials (2021)

These are two commercials that recently I wrote, filmed, and edited for Green Pest Management. I felt that pest control opens up a lot of opportunity for comedic themes, which also helps the audience retain information and helps with brand recognition and hopefully patronage of that company.

Boise State University Military Tuition Assistance and Testing Facilities

I had the opportunity to create this video for Boise State University’s Military Outreach department to promote their new tuition assistance program and testing sites for active military students.

“Music Education on the Decline”

This video was selected to be a part of the 2017 student showcase at the Motion Design Education Summit (MODE) at Ohio State University in Columbus, OH.

12 Resolutions to Be a Successful Online Student

This is 9 of 12 stop motion animations I photographed and created for Boise State University’s social media pages. They were 12 resolutions for how to become a successful online student, to coincide with the 12 days leading up to the new year.

Boise State University Animations

When Covid 19 shut a lot of our in person video production down we had to think of new ways to still tell stories and reach audiences to encourage them to further their education. Since we couldn’t meet with people at the time, I wrote, and animated this 3 part series to reach those audiences.

Paso Robles Inn Social Media

These posts were created to promote special menus at the Paso Robles Inn Steakhouse and Cattlemen’s Lounge, and to separate them by using motion as opposed to the typical food photography utilized by most restaurants.